Universal Maps Downloader Patch Crack Serial Key Free Download(2024)

Universal Maps Downloader Patch Crack Serial Key Free Download(2024). Universal Maps Downloader 10.172 + Portable | AllMapSoft. It  is an application that you can use to download maps from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. 

Universal Maps Downloader Patch Crack Serial Key Free Download(2024)

AllMapSoft Universal Maps Downloader is an application that you can use to download maps from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. The interface of the tool consists of a standard window which is easy to navigate through, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting around Universal Maps Downloader. You can get started by setting the task name (in the Universal Maps Downloader project format).

Universal Maps Downloader Patch Crack Serial Key Free Download(2024)

Furthermore, you can select the map type you are attempting to download (e.g. Google Street, Satellite or Terrain maps, Yahoo Street or Satellite maps, Microsoft VirtualEarth Street, Satellite or Hybrid maps).

But you can also adjust the zoom level, input the left, right, top and bottom latitude, as well as the output destination of the maps.

Once you have initiated the downloading process, you can view data about the total number of downloaded images, log file, and more.

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In addition, you can convert degrees, minutes and seconds to degrees, combine maps, re-download failed images, set the default path and configure proxy settings.

The program uses a very low amount of system resources and includes a comprehensive help file with snapshots. Also, It’s completes a task in a short amount of time without popping up any errors.

However, the demo version doesn’t allow you to download high-quality images and you should be careful when naming tasks, because the tool automatically overwrites files with the same name (and you cannot disable this option).

All in all, Universal Maps Downloader is a very good tool for downloading maps from the Internet and we strongly recommend it to all users.

Features of Universal Maps Downloader Full

  • Download Google, Yahoo and Microsoft maps from the Internet

Universal Maps Downloader is a tool that help you to get small tile images from Google Maps, Openstreetmap, Yandex Maps, Yahoo Maps, Mapquest, Gaode map, Tencent Maps, Baidu Maps, Tianditu, Arcgis Online, OneMap, Whereis, mapy.cz, Mappy, Waze, Sentinel-2 map, Strava Gloabal Heatmap, Wikimapia, GoMap.Az, Longdo Map, Bhuvan, National Map Australia, New Zealand Topographic, Map of UAE, ViaMichelin Map, MapFan, Yahoo Japan Map, maps.stamen.com, maps.marshruty.ru, shipxy.com, Freemap Slovakia, UMP-PC.pl, Vietbando Maps, MinView, Naver, Carte-Geoportail, Wikimedia Maps, OpenSeaMap, CARTO Basemaps, Kort-krak.dk, Mapmyindia, GraphHopper Maps, Eniro, Thunderforest, Skoterleder, hitta.se, Maps of Switzerland, NostraMap, Inageoportal, OpenRailwayMap, FINN Kart, waymarkedtrails.org, OpenSnowMap, Navizor, MyGeoMap, META Maps, Mapbox, map.turistautak.hu, Maps.lt, moovit, basemap.at, NL Maps, MTBmap.cz, MTBmap.no, www.wanderreitkarte.de, NZ Topo Map, maps.eatlas.org.au, Stadia Maps, maps.randmcnally.com, Jawg Maps, LA County, Portland Maps, ScanEx Web Geomixer, SafeCast Map, OpenFireMap, openAIP map, MapAnt, Lantmateriets Fjallkarta, Getlost Maps Live, Min Karta, New Zealand Gazetteer, Chartbundle, VWorld 2D Map, Kakaomap, MapSite, kartat.kapsi.fi, MAA-AMET, PDOK Viewer, Mierune map, Kartverket.no, www.ign.es, Visicom Maps, World Imagery Wayback, nakarte.me, Napr Maps, cyberjapandata.gsi.go.jp, Wanderservice-schwarzwald.de, CoCoRaHS Maps, mapas.bogota.gov.co, osm.rrze.fau.de, Location SA Map Viewer, www.kompass.de, mapzs.pzs.si, kort.lmi.is, moscowmap.ru, maps.refuges.info, osmand.net, geoportal PH, s2maps.eu, retromap.ru, photon.komoot.io, Discover GIS Data NY, gisro.donland.ru, Roscosmos Geoportal, maps-for-free.com, www.mapwarper.net, warper.wmflabs.org, mapwarper.onki.fi, mapwarper.prov.vic.gov.au, CalTopo, Custom Map Styles of Bing Maps, Customized Google Maps, Custom Map Type, etc. Including 2000+ maps types.

How to install this software on your Windows device:

  • Click on the Download button on our website. This will start the download from the website of the developer.
  • Once the software is downloaded click on it to start the setup process (assuming you are on a desktop computer).
  • When the installation is finished you should be able to see and run the program.

Download AllMapSoft Universal Maps Downloader for PC

Universal Maps Downloader 10.172 | File Size: 31 MB
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Portable Universal Maps Downloader 10.062 | File Size: 17 MB
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